Politicians Segment so why don’t Business Developers?

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August 14, 2018
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June 12, 2019


Australia is in the middle of an election and as much as it is pretty boring the strategy to win can teach a lot to companies about how to achieve growth and win in developing new business. Both major parties have a generic “vote for me statement” but the election is not won or lost at a generic level, it is won and lost in individual seats or in the world of business development it is won and lost in segments.

You cannot be everything to everyone and being the same as everyone else never wins the day, but you can target a segment, you can strive to own that segment, you can focus your forces, sales, marketing and service to be something different to be something great. Success in business development comes from having individual plans in individual segments, it creates focus, it creates ownership, it creates accountability.

Both major parties have a ball park idea of who vote for them but creating products for specific markets is what will win the day.

So, ask yourself the question how is your “go is to market structured” generic or segmented.


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