The budget for Business Development is gone!

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April 28, 2019
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June 12, 2019

I have a wage bill of $100,000 per month for BDM’s who don’t even return half of that amount in new business.  As a result, my revenue figures are also way off budget, so I have no money to spend on developing my people or improving my process.

If I was sitting across from your desk I would reply, you are spending the money anyway you can either spend the money on planning a growth strategy or spend the money on people who are running your current failing growth strategy, either way you will spend the money.

Planning is the number one ingredient for growth, what is your point of difference, who would benefit from hearing your story, how do you get to those buyers in the best value for money way and when they are ready to buy. Who searches for prospect data a centralised team, marketing or the BDM, who writes the case studies and distributes them to prospects in the same segments, who controls your nurturing process and who owns the information and contacts within your CRM?

The answer to every one of the questions should be you, the company. If the answer is the BDM, then you will continue to spend the money in a failed model until the talk of new people and new management starts.

Planning is King and process beats the best BDM on the planet every time.

My advice is spending more money on the sales process and have less BDM’s writing higher targets will make you a far happier camper.


Mark Hood


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