Why for most the BDM model is failing!

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January 25, 2018
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January 25, 2018

All companies need new clients and the use of BDM’s has been a successful strategy for many years, but that has changed.

We see multiple BDM’s not writing targets, we see BDM turnover and companies blindly employing more BDM’s and Sales Managers in the belief that the results will be different.

So, what has changed that BDM’s who wrote target easily 10 years are now failing. There is not an easy answer but you can start with skills and statistics.

Most BDM’s are great at quoting and closing deals, few though are good at finding deals. But in reality 80% of their role is finding companies to quote and close, and that is a skill few possess. That is identifying the ideal client, building a client metrics, sourcing and loading data, segmenting the data, building a multilayered contact strategy and then implementing that plan on a daily basis whilst building a post contact nurturing strategy.

The function of finding a prospect is a MARKETING function that requires multiple skill sets in each part of the process, it is NOT A SALES function.

The other challenge facing BDM’s is that the statistics have changed, the quantity of companies you need to contact to see if they are a fit, to see where they are in the buying cycle and to keep in contact, to follow up and then use the companies CRM, is now an impossible task even if the BDM has the skills.

What has to change?

The days of building and running your own sales team whose job is to find clients as well as to close business is nearing an end. For a start you can build a centralised team yourself to take over the prospecting function, or you can have someone do it for you.

Business Development as a Service (BDaaS) is about enabling a daily focus on business development through a specialised team with market penetration building year on year. It is about reducing your sales people head count to less than half and those who remain writing target and moral throughout the company improving.

The choice is yours especially as a true BDaaS agreement is cash flow positive.

Revenue Growth Group own the RGG / BDaaS process and business name of Business Development as Service in Australia.

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