Why employing BDM’s no longer makes sense

I want you to pay me to sell to you
May 9, 2017

Business need new clients to grow and the traditional model of employing a BDM has served many companies well for a long time. However, strategies change as the market place changes and what worked even last year may not necessarily work now.

So what has changed in the BDM success story, well that’s easy it’s the statistics and the return on investment for the wages and on costs no longer stack up, especially when there is a longer sales cycle. The ability to make ten calls for one to two appointments is not real, it is more like four hundred calls to speak to forty people to gain two appointments. They are real figures by the way.

Also from a task management perspective why would you have someone on $120,000 a year perform a task that someone on $60,000 could do better. Why would you have someone who is new to the business decide who they call and what to say, it really is setting someone up to fail. Getting in front on new clients is not a one step process, it involves multiple steps over a long period of time.

There are two key words that will determine your growth success, they are “STORY” and “NURTURE”.

You have got to have a story, a story that will want the customer to talk to you, to meet with and then to buy from you. That means being highly targeted in who you speak to in the first place, what is the use of getting in front of people that won’t buy, its drains resource, time and money but that’s what many BDM’s do and it is not all their fault.

You must accept that not everyone will buy today and can even buy today. You must have a contact management process that is centralised with a consistent message that takes the prospect on an information journey with you as the destination. The “nurturing process” and “story” should be built and tested before a sales person is ever employed. Even if a BDM had the skill to complete those tasks they simply do not have the time.

A centralised team that finds and nurtures prospects through multiple contact tools including phone calls and digital media will produce a substantially better result with substantially less cost.

Revenue Growth Group designs these models and builds these models, either on premise in your company or off premise ”Business Development as a Service” where we run the whole demand generation strategy on your behave for a fixed fee for an agreed outcome.

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